What are motion graphics?

Let’s start by defining exactly what motion graphics are.

Want your sparkling new logo to spin into position at the beginning of a video? Motion graphics.

Want the bars on your fancy Excel spreadsheet to slide in one by one? Motion graphics.

Remember the yellow scrolling text at the beginning of Star Wars? Yep, motion graphics.

Simply put, it’s the movement of graphic design through time and space. Pretty cool, right?

For the past 15 years, these techniques have adapted and evolved into the modern digital world and are now used within all forms of media such as Video Games, Mobile Apps, Websites and more.

So how does it relate to web design?

I’m showing my age now but since the web’s early beginnings in the 00’s when Macromedia Flash was all the rage, motion graphics have been used to enhance the user experience by making websites more engaging, easier to use and fun.

A good example of this is Apple. Instead of presenting the user with static images and text, they use a variety of animated techniques to create striking content that not only builds brand personality but also helps to show off the beauty of their products through interactivity and movement.

motion graphics-Swiss Impact
motion graphics-Swiss Impact

What’s the purpose of adding motion graphics to a website?

1. It helps brands stand out and improves conversion.

The web is a crowded place these days, with lots of brands offering very similar products and services. By adding beautiful animation to your website, it’s a sure-fire way to stand out from the competition leaving the user with a memorable experience.

It also keeps the user engaged for longer increasing the likelihood of conversion (such as business lead submissions, adds to cart, newsletter sign-ups and many others).

In 2021, we designed and built the new website for tangerine, a global pioneer in design. We took their brand assets and combined them with our animation techniques making key sections on the site as creative and engaging as possible.


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